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C.O.S. Da Criminal


C.O.S. is a rapper from Sacramento, CA. He has been a featured artist on dozens of albums, including productions from Master P and most of the artists on Siccmade. He is a frequent collaborator with Brotha Lynch Hung, with whom he has worked since 1994's Nigga Deep, appearing on the track "Mr. No Print" as a member of Swartzaniggaz.

In 2001, the two released Trigganometry, their first collaborative album. However, C.O.S. quickly became involved in the violent street life of Sacramento's, eventually earning himself a six-month prison stint on a drug possession charge. While in prison, C.O.S. penned his first album, Siccmade Rituals, which was released through Siccmade Muzicc shortly after his term ended in 2002. Since then, C.O.S. has released four more solo albums, The Whole Truth and A novel by Me, 100 Stories High and Gods Watch, as well as two more collaborative albums with Lynch, The Fixxx and Suspicion v.2. He has also released 12 Mix tapes in addition to all above

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